Sunday, February 3, 2008

Surprise Quilt for partner

My dear husband is a cat person. When I met him he had a lovely black Persian cross named Bono, Allan hand reared Bono from three days old as the mother cat died from post delivery problems. Bono was a very spoilt cat and definitely a man's cat, he tolerated me and after a year or so would jump into my lap if Allan was not at home. When Bono was around 8 years old he died suddenly one day in early 2002, he had an accident inside and the urine was blood stained so I raced him to the vet, unfortunately he died there a few hours later as he had an advanced bladder cancer which up until that day showed no symptoms.

In the June I decided to make him a quilt featuring cats and cat fabrics. I found a fabric that had different breeds of cats in different poses on it, using this fabric I cut around different groupings of the cats and appliquéd them onto quilters muslin. I put a resting cat onto a basket fabric, had two cats looking through lace curtains and I included one piece of dog fabric. Someone gave me a scrap of fabric with Persian cats on it from which I fussy cut the cats then appliquéd them onto the background sitting them on blankets and cushions. The work on this quilt had to be done while Allan was not at home which became impossible as Allan had a health breakdown early August and was off work for 12 weeks. When he went back to work I was able to do more work on the quilt, when I gave it to him at Christmas it was still a WIP, the top was complete and it was basted but not quilted. I made a special label for the quilt by printing a photo of Bono onto muslin with all the quilt details. During 2003 I machined quilted the quilt with diagonal lines with varying widths. Allan loves his quilt and it is travelling with us around Australia.

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