Friday, October 9, 2009

2nd week of October

These are a few Christmas decorations I have made for the bushfire survivors. They are hexagons for the Christmas Tree and a star. There were other decorations made by the members of Vicscquilters Carrum Downs group, a lovely collection of decorations, machine embroidered bells, stars, wreaths angels.
Felt angels on dolly pegs, fabric gingerbread men, a wreath with fabric tied to the circle cut with pinking shears, stuffed birds, 2 squares of Christmas fabric with wadding in the middle with a hanger, so many different things. I took photos of them all I think Helen is putting them up on the scquilters blog look out for the link later.

I have finished the logo for DS#2's surcoat for their Celtic wedding. The join down the centre has been oversewn and now its not noticeable. Started to cut out the 2 coats today and found that instead of 9 m the 'person' serving me had cut 5m I was spitting chips until I found that she had missed charging me for it, the items on the docket were 2 different lots of thread, pattern, interfacing and Hemsilk and no velveteen. A visit to the local fabric shop entailed where I bought better quality velveteen, so a win/win for me.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Flaunt for October

This weeks flaunt is a PHD beads need to be sewn on to represent shells on the beach then it needs backing and finishing off. I am working on the wedding outfits and time is drawing near. The flaunt is for of which I am a member. We challenge each other to do small art quilts every 3 months to a set theme this one was where land meets sea I have reproduced a photo I took of The Grotto here in Victoria go to the site and check out the other quilts.