Friday, September 18, 2009

Bag nearly ready

To answer a question I have a certificate in Fashion and Design did 3 years study and learning to pattern make, draft, design etc. Did this as an income supplement for years making clothes and costumes from drawings/sketches to peoples measurements. One thing I did in the late 80's was to make up for a designer 20 dresses for the staff at the resort at Uluru never got to fit them only had each person measurements, non were sent back for alterations, wonder if they are still in use.

I have finished piecing the hexagons for this bag the next step is to back them with pellon and hand quilt the two pieces. Still have 4 weeks to get this done before the workshop on construction.

This is the braid I have been machine embroidering for the front of son's surcoat for his wedding on Oct 31st. He lives in another state so its emails and photos to keep in touch plus phone calls, woke him up this morning as I needed the correct centre front length for the panel, he is a shift worker at a call centre. The next step is to embroidery the Celtic design for the centre back then make the coat, it is sleeveless and mid calf length in black velvet with silver embroidery.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday 18th a day early

My flaunt this week is not quilt related but it is sewing.
This is the cloak I have made for Allan to wear to sons Celtic style wedding dressing up in medieval costumes is encouraged. The cloak is fully reversible made in brown and purple homespun it took 20 metres of fabric.
My dress is a medieval style has to be taken in will post more photos after wedding.

side view reverse outer

Hand Fasting Marriage Ceremony

Here are two links explaining the hand fasting ceremony. Son and future daughter-in-law are having a celebrant perform the ceremony and it will be a lasting one.
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There are two conflicting beliefs about the history of Handfasting:
"Handfasting" was the word used by the ancient Celts to describe their traditional trial-marriage ceremony, during which couples were literally bound together. The handfasting was a temporary agreement, that expired after a year and a day. However, it could be made permanent after at that time, if both spouses agreed.
"Handfasting" was the word used throughout the once-Celtic lands of Scotland and Northern England to refer to a commitment of betrothal or engagement. It was a ceremony in which the couple publicly declared their intention to marry one year and a day in the future. In 1820, Sir Walter Scott used the term to refer to a fictional sacred ritual that bound the couple in a form of temporary marriage for a year and a day. He wrote of it in his book "The Monastery:"
"When we are handfasted, as we term it, we are man and wife for a year and a day; that space gone by, each may choose another mate, or, at their pleasure, may call the priest to marry them for life; and this we call handfasting." 1,2

Friday, September 11, 2009

This weeks flaunt its a top

This is my version of a disappearing 9 patch made from fabrics bought at a sale of the late Pauline Sisson's stash. It will be a special quilt to remember Pauline by. I will have it quilted later as for the next 5-6 weeks I will be busy with sewing for DS#2 wedding on Oct 31st. I have his coat and the best mans to make plus a cloak for DH and alter my dress (medieval) embroider designs for the back and front of DS coat the wedding is a Celtic one and guests have been invited to dress in medieval style I have never been one to refuse an invite to dress up in whatever style. DH has decided on a cloak rather than a monk's habit to wear to the wedding.
I will do a post about the Celtic hand fastening wedding when I find out more information about it, DD and SIL did the hand tying in their wedding 3 1/2 years ago.

Friday, September 4, 2009

This weeks flaunt

This is my hexagon bag so far - one side and the bottom piece are finished and 2 rows of the second side. When that it done I then take out the papers, iron each piece onto pellon and quilt each hexagon this has to be done before 9am on Oct 17th when the class is to show us how to stitch them together and make the bag.
In between doing this I am digitizing a design to go on the back on my son's wedding coat. He asked for his belt buckle reproduced onto the back of the coat. The wedding is going to be a Celtic hand fastening ceremony and the bride and groom will be dressed in medieval clothes, I have bought a dress in the medieval style to wear and have to make DH a monks outfit to wear. Luckily the wedding is on Oct 31st.