Wednesday, April 9, 2008


My daughter and her husband are both Essendon supporters and I had been collecting red and black fabrics for a while with the idea of making them a quilt to take to the football. DD asked at one stage if I could make them a cushion as the plastic seats are uncomfortable to sit on. I had bought a pattern for a ½ square triangle quillow of twelve blocks and decided to kill two birds with the one stone, so to speak.

I cut the fabrics into the squares and made the windmill blocks then decided to add six extra blocks so both of them could cuddle under the quilt if the weather got too cold. I sashed the blocks with red and black fabrics and added a black border. I machined quilted the quilt by following the lines of the windmill blades.

Next step the pocket!!!! I went to the AFL web site and downloaded the logo for the Essendon Football Club, the size of the logo that I downloaded was only around 2" square so I drafted it up to the size I needed for the quillow pocket and reverse appliqu├ęd the design using three layers black, red and white. I then stipple quilted the pocket and stitched it to the quillow adding the label to the inside of the pocket. DD and her DH were very happy with their 'cushion' to take to the football.

The quillow has had a lot of use over the past three years and has been to many football games, I have been asked to make quillows for other football fans but have declined because of Copyright regulations.

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