Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Flaunt for March

My flaunt for this week is of a quilt I first made in 2004.  When it was finished there was something wrong with it!!!!   A textile tutor from University of Tasmania pointed out my faux pas.  This is a photo of the original  'Wild River' which I nicknamed Foo,
I removed the binding from the top part of the quilt, took out the 2 pieced rows, removed the big white bits then pieced the rows with smaller white pieces and joined them back up.  Next I added white wool for felting mixed with Angelina Fibers and felted these onto the top and wadding. The final step on the sky part was to daubed with white paint and tease out the fibers.

After completing this part I removed the gathering and rocks in the river section and resewed this area across the quilt to follow the flow of the water.  I placed some rock shapes back into the river then sponged white paint onto the river to give the impression of white water.  This is the finished 'Wild River'.
Still not happy with finished result but its better than it was.


Dolores said...

I don't think I could have done what you did. I would have been inclined to start from the beginning again. I don't know what your faux pas was but both versions are wonderful.

Chloe said...

I like this much better now Fran. The gathering for the river is wonderful.

cinzia said...

Wow don't those 'few' changes add a whole lot of life and umph (?) to it. I agree your starter sky was dead... or was it alien spaceships? but I like this one.

Can I suggest you try unblalanced borders ... bigger on the bottom and right hand side as they are more in the viewers eye... also don't have them the same width as each other. Just if you have a spare few minutes to put into the quilt again.