Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm back

It is months since I last blogged.  Many of those months I have not quilted at all.  We moved and will all the unpacking, rearranging and finding places for all our things in a smaller area, was a little stressful.  All settled now thank goodness.
In March our granddaughter Chloe turned 13 and I promised her a big girls quilt for her birthday, I still have the binding to stitch down this weekend for her and Chloe loves it.  The quilt is 80 x 80inches so it should last her quite a few years.  Chloe still uses the quilt I made for her when she went into a single bed, that had little fairies on it.  This one I think is very eye catching.  The lady who took the photo said it would look better with grandma in it.


Lindi said...

that looks great Fran :)

SueBK said...

Looks wonderful, Fran. I made a black and white quilt about 16 years ago; the range has certainly increased since then.