Friday, January 25, 2008

Mystery Quilt

A member of scquilters was hosting a Mystery Quilt the instructions where to be posted on the Internet one Saturday. We were given a list on fabric requirements and a short time later we were given the cutting instructions each lot of cuts were given a name. I had difficulty with the colours as I didn't have a finished article/photo to refer too and I wasn't confident with choosing colours. I persevered and followed the sewing instructions on the day completing the top the next day.

I was never happy with the top and it languished in the UFO pile for quite a while. In September 2001 I attended a retreat outside of Mansfield Vic. where Dawn (Gypsy) Isherwood was the tutor for the weekend. Gypsy was teaching us her technique for embellishing and making pictorial quilts on pieced backgrounds. The top I started in this workshop is still a WIP which will be worked on in 2009.

2005 saw me delving into my UFO pile and looking at the MQ top I came up with an idea to embellish it with an ocean theme. I added coral, reeds, mermaids, fish, dolphins, whales, yachts and a lighthouse with a sun shining down from the top corner, then I machine quilted it in a wavy pattern to represent the waves. The completed quilt was given to our eldest grandson Connor on his 10th birthday in 2006 and he loved his fishy quilt.


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aykayem said...

I like it!
... mine is still half quilted ... it has been since a few weeks after the day we all did the sewing - LOL
I think a few people who did that one were not too happy with how theirs turned out, but I decided I like mine - mostly becasue I had chosen one print and the rest of the fabrics were plain homespuns that matched, and the design worked ok with those.
(I do remember thinking about swapping the order of the blocks around, and laying them all out and having a fiddle - but then I decided I liked it how the instructions said to do it ... which is actually unusual for me - considering that I am the person that used gold LAME for one of my fabrics in one of the other mystery quilts we did on that list ;-)