Thursday, September 17, 2009

Friday 18th a day early

My flaunt this week is not quilt related but it is sewing.
This is the cloak I have made for Allan to wear to sons Celtic style wedding dressing up in medieval costumes is encouraged. The cloak is fully reversible made in brown and purple homespun it took 20 metres of fabric.
My dress is a medieval style has to be taken in will post more photos after wedding.

side view reverse outer


cinzia said...

looks good but I really wonder how much use it will get. Personally I would wear it throughout winter but some people consider my taste in clothes rather strange at times:)

Bern said...

Hi Fran, you are obviously a good seamstress to be doing so much sewing for your son's wedding. Your DH's cloak looks great but I was surprised that it took so much fabric. Thanks for providing the information on the hand fasting ceremony as I had never heard of this. I just love traditions such as this. On one side of my family I have no idea who my grandfather was, but I do feel strongly linked to Celtic music and art (I might just claim to have a Celtic ancestry anyway ... ), so it was very interesting to me to read that particular post.

Bern in Caloundra, Q'ld

AR Crichton said...

You HAVE been busy, Fran! The cloak looks very authentic - I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.
I also enjoyed reading about the handfasting ceremony - thanks for sharing!