Friday, September 18, 2009

Bag nearly ready

To answer a question I have a certificate in Fashion and Design did 3 years study and learning to pattern make, draft, design etc. Did this as an income supplement for years making clothes and costumes from drawings/sketches to peoples measurements. One thing I did in the late 80's was to make up for a designer 20 dresses for the staff at the resort at Uluru never got to fit them only had each person measurements, non were sent back for alterations, wonder if they are still in use.

I have finished piecing the hexagons for this bag the next step is to back them with pellon and hand quilt the two pieces. Still have 4 weeks to get this done before the workshop on construction.

This is the braid I have been machine embroidering for the front of son's surcoat for his wedding on Oct 31st. He lives in another state so its emails and photos to keep in touch plus phone calls, woke him up this morning as I needed the correct centre front length for the panel, he is a shift worker at a call centre. The next step is to embroidery the Celtic design for the centre back then make the coat, it is sleeveless and mid calf length in black velvet with silver embroidery.


cinzia said...

I have always liked the celtic braids .. should be a memorable wedding.

Daphne said...

Love the braid, being a machine embroiderholic!

Anonymous said...

The bag is looking lovely, and am intrigued by costumes!