Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Flaunt for October

This weeks flaunt is a PHD beads need to be sewn on to represent shells on the beach then it needs backing and finishing off. I am working on the wedding outfits and time is drawing near. The flaunt is for of which I am a member. We challenge each other to do small art quilts every 3 months to a set theme this one was where land meets sea I have reproduced a photo I took of The Grotto here in Victoria go to the site and check out the other quilts.


cinzia said...

Can't see anything in the small picture but it comes up well when enlarged. Quite creative little quilt there.

Julie said...

I took Cinzia's advice and clicked to enlarge the photograph, such a creative use of threads, the beads will certainly add some 'flash' to the finished project. Lovely work!